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Lifetime Care Club

Lifetime Care Club

Lifetime Care Club

Benefit from

Annual vaccinations and six month health assessment, flea and worming treatments to protect your pet for an entire year

Prevention is better than cure

Our Lifetime Care Club provides the support you need to help ensure your pet’s long and happy life, and is easy to manage with our cost effective Direct Debit scheme.

Health checks, vaccinations and routine flea and worming treatments are included for cats and dogs. New clients may be asked to pay for the initial treatment until the first Direct Debit payment clears. After such time the initial payment will be refunded.

How do I register?

Please download and complete the Direct Debit form and application form below and hand it to a member of staff. We will require your bank account details. One of our team will be happy to help and answer any queries you may have. View our Terms and Conditions

Lifetime Care Club Fees

When joining the club, please select your dog or cat’s expected adult weight. For the adult pet, please select the pet’s actual weight.

Prices quoted apply from 01/09/18-31/08/19 inc VAT

Dog Weight Monthly Cost
0-10 kg £10.99
10.1 Kg-25 kg £11.99
25.1-40 kg £12.99
40.1 kg + £15.99
Cat Weight Monthly Cost
up to 4 kg £9.99
over 4 kg £10.50

Dog and cat Lifetime Care Club package

Six monthly health check by a veterinary surgeon or nurse to include:

Skin, Ears, Eyes, Heart and Lungs, Weight, Teeth and Claws.

Annual booster vaccinations:

Geriatric clinic appointment for the over 7’s including blood pressure check with our nurse team. Senior (7 years +) pet blood test available at client request.

Worming treatments (at quarterly intervals sufficient for 12 months included)

Flea treatments (at quarterly intervals sufficient for 12 months included)

Microchipping for cats

Nurse clinics inc. health,diet and general advice

Direct debit and application form


Our Lifetime Care Club package

Our aim is to make pet care as simple as possible for you, utilising the most effective products and our best advice. The costs of your pet’s healthcare are spread over 12 months and the club also offers discounts on many products and services within the practice to all pet club members.

At Hook Norton Veterinary Group we recognise and understand how much disease is preventable and how important it is to spot and treat disease in its early stages, especially for older animals, so the inclusive regular 6 monthly check-ups (as requested by the client) are invaluable.

In line with our commitment to excellence in practice, we have selected products for worming that kill the broadest spectrum of worms in your dog or cat found in the UK.
The flea product we use kills fleas on your pet and in the environment as well as both species of mange mites, heart worm, and ear mites. Hence your pet is covered for
common internal and external parasites, excluding ticks. We also include lungworm in our plan.


Need to ask a question?

If you’re worried about your pet and would like to speak to one of our vets then please call your nearest branch or send an email.

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